A new study came out with a clearer explanation as to why we lose muscle mass as we age.

Of course, if you sit around and don’t do anything…that’s a good way to speed up the process, but that’s not what I’m talking about.

This new study shows that the nerves that actually supply the muscles simply die off!

I’ll admit, I was not super excited to read about this process. 

As we age, it is natural part of the aging process for the nerves that supply the muscles of the legs, for example, to simply stop firing.  And once they do, they are NOT turning back on again.

So where’s the ray of hope within this cheery bit of news?

It turns out there is a way to stop this “inevitable” process.


Are you ready?

Resistance training.  Lifting weights.

Yup, the study showed that the only truly effective way to keep the nerve(S) firing was to lift weights.

Do we REALLY need another reason?

Please. Lift. Weights.