Which is more important – Muscle or Cardio

FACT: Every year after age 40 we lose about ½ pound of muscle mass per year. And what’s more…there’s only one way to stop it. Strength Training.

Yoga won’t do it. Barre classes won’t do it. Running won’t do it.
Now, before you start sending hate mail! I’m NOT saying these activities aren’t challenging, but the scientific fact is – they do NOT build muscle mass. Sorry.
Here’s the problem.
When we lose enough muscle mass, it starts to interfere with our ability to do daily stuff.

(Check out my short video below on how this works)

And in fact, as the video explains, once we get below a certain level, we actually become disabled – NOT from accident or disease, but from simple neglect of muscle mass.

Not good!

I say all this as my way of encouraging EVERYONE to ‘pick things up and put them down’.

Lift weights while you can and BEFORE you lose too much more muscle mass!

Stay Strong my friends!