A little psychology for you today…

This article was triggered by a quote I read the other day, and it pretty much sums up much of my belief system.

Here it is…

“Human beings always act, feel, and perform in accordance with what they imagine to be true about themselves and their environment.”

We’ve all been brought up believing certain programming that we’ve been fed all our lives.  It comes from our parents, friends, extended family, co-workers and significant others.

This can be good or this can be devastating…

For example, if you believe in your head that you are terrible at math, that’s exactly what you will be.

Take out “math” and plug in any attribute you wish.

What you’ll discover is that most of us have something we believe to be true about ourselves that we can write in there.





A terrible cook.


Yes, things can get ugly here…

I have an “acquaintance” (not a family member, friend or client…full disclosure) who has been told by family members that he is not intelligent.

He’s been told this his entire life.

The truth is that he’s engaging, funny and has a lot of diverse interests.

But he is convinced he’s not very bright.

And it was his family who “taught” him that. 

Can you imagine?  It actually makes me angry to think about it…

At this point in his life, it is part of his programming and will likely take a major focused effort to replace or “upgrade” this programming.

I’m going to do what I can to positively impact this process.

I use some reprogramming tools with clients on occasion.

The ones who are convinced they can’t lose weight.

They tell themselves their metabolism is too slow.  They’re too busy…Too stressed…Too this…Too that.

And it’s all crap.

But, that’s what their program keeps playing over and over in their heads.

The absolute best book I’ve read on this topic is called, “What To Say When You Talk To Yourself”.   It’s written by a gentleman by the name of Shad Helmstetter PhD.

Get it.

I recommend EVERYONE read this book.  Because even if you’re an all-knowing, supremely confident, God-like being…you know someone who isn’t.

The key part of the quote above the part that says, “what they imagine to be true”

That’ it, my friend.

That’s everything.

The author says you can change your programming in a relatively short period of time with the proper strategies.

He’s right.

I’ve changed some of my own programming over the last few years and have never felt better.

I got the plan from this book, and consider it to be the most important book I’ve read in the last few years.

I’m keeping this short today in the hopes some of you will hop onto Amazon and order this book.