I’ve spoken before about the types of things that “age” us.

Smoking is an obvious one.  There is no mistaking the skin, voice or hack of a long-term smoker.

There are other things out there which will accelerate the aging process.

Illness can age us.  The health battles many people fight can take a real toll.

We see people all the time who have “had a hard life”.  Some are lifestyle based certainly, but not all…

I’ve noticed this type of thing in my own life.  As I have mentioned before, I underwent major surgery on both knees last summer.  It has been just under eight months since the accident that ruptured both my quadriceps tendons.

Yet, I often find myself “walking like an old man”.   I have to consciously relax my stride, check my posture and make the effort to walk normally.

I despise the thought of moving like I am older than I am.

What are the things that will “age” you…

Usually, this falls into a few major categories:

Fitness – and the ability to maintain it.

Weight gain – The kind that comes from a slowing metabolism and poor food choices

A loss of independence – Which tied in both health brain function and mobility/strength issues

Mindset – the ability to maintain a positive outlook and strong relationships and social connections

The point of all this is that each of us needs to have an awareness of our own kryptonite!  Which of these categories gives us cause for concern?

Think about it.  When you visualize yourself 10 or 15 years from now, is there something that pops out as a potential problem?  If so, acting on it NOW is the best defense.

If there is anything I can do to help pinpoint these issues or help in some way, just hit drop me a line!  I’d be happy to chat.