Here’s tip number 3:

Plan things out.

In my experience, the #1 reason people fall off the nutrition band wagon is poor planning.

Even though you have the meal plans and recipes, if you don’t schedule the shopping trip and have the right foods in the house at all times, you open the door…wide open…for temptation.

Let’s say you come home ravenous…I mean absolutely starving…guess what you’ll eat?


The FIRST thing you get your hands on. The quickest solution.

And you can bet that “quick” does NOT equal healthy!

Plan the shopping. Plan the cooking time. Plan the meals. Plan the workouts.

Everything is at your disposal…

But, all these tools will ONLY help if you plan to use them.

Maybe this video I made for you about my “Market Basket” planning will help.

(FYI, if you’re not from the northeast, Market Basket is a very popular food shopping chain in this area.)