I missed my usual Tuesday blog because I am finishing my long delayed book!  I am targeting an April publishing date and will let you know when it is available.  I now have two other contributors I am working with and we are looking to take this project to the next level!  I am really excited about this!  Stay tuned…

Now, onto my little rant…

The TV show “The Biggest Loser” has come under a LOT of fire lately…and for good reason.  The show itself is what I am rebelling against…

As a fitness professional, I have always hated the premise of the show.  Take a group of obese people out of their dysfunctional environment, feed them ideal food, work them into the ground – often to the point of injury or illness and then make them focus entirely on the scale as a measure of ‘health’.  And for the finale, hold them up for America to see as incredible success stories.

Pure insanity!

The trainers on the show have made fortunes off this structure.  They sit back, point to the results and say, “Look at how awesome I am!”  The problem is, of course, the circumstances were so distant from real life, we are finding out now, the results could not be sustained.  An unusually high percentage of the contestants gained ALL the weight back over time.  Therefore the argument of “But Art, look at all the people they have helped!” turns out to be a lie.

Yes, I realize some of the contestant had life changing experiences.  I congratulate them.

Unfortunately, I believe it sends the wrong message to the multitudes of obese people in this country.  Without the incredible – and temporary – support system the show puts in place, there is little chance the average person will succeed to lose 100 or more pounds.  Then when the average person can’t do it, they feel like more of a failure than they had already.

People had already started to tire of the show, but I recall one show I tuned into last year when the ‘winner’ was brought out on stage and people (at home and in the studio) literally gasped at how sickly she looked.  This woman had lost so much weight, it was dangerous.  And make no mistake, the show is dangerous.  In fact, I am shocked there has not been a death during filming

That was it for me.

Please don’t tell me how inspiring these trainers are.  While I agree that some of them are very likable, the bogus premise of the show is an insult to the profession.  When one of them in particular launches into a psychology session – as if she were remotely qualified to do so – I really want to wretch.

That is about the only way this show would help me lose weight.

Just in case you think this blog is all negative today, I DO want to take a moment and congratulate the people who have lost weight on their own.  While I was running Matrix, we had the chance to work with people who lost weight the RIGHT way…and have kept it off.  I won’t mention these people by name of course, but as an Andover resident, I see them walking around all the time and ALWAYS make sure I congratulate them on the hard work they put in to take control of their lives.

They did it the old-fashioned way:

  • Exercise daily
  • Modify your lifestyle!
  • Decrease refined sugar
  • Modify your lifestyle!
  • Decrease your portion size
  • Change the way you think about food and your health
  • Oh, did I mention modify your lifestyle?

These people got it right and should be commended.  Unfortunately, slow, steady and properly done does not make for good television.  Have a great weekend!

Stay healthy my friends!