Welcome to The Successful Aging Academy!

Below you will find the tools for your step-by-step system designed to help you reclaim your health and develop a resilient mindset. 

Nutrition Plans – You’ll find your chosen meal plan on this page along with a form to choose a new plan if you feel the plan you chose is not working for you.

Smoking Cessation Program – Ready to kick the smoking habit. This program will get you started. We’ll delve into the the why and help you move toward the why you want to quit.

Monthly Workouts – Access your workouts specific to the current month.

Fix Sleep First – Sleep is something we don’t spend a lot of time contemplating. It’s just there…. until it isn’t. Then it becomes THE most important thing in your life! Sleep deprivation can lead to death, if prolonged…way faster than food deprivation. Access to this sleep course is available in your Level 2 Membership.

You have questions about supplements – Here are the answers – We’ll also talk about some myths that surround taking supplements. I’ll also give you some of my suggestions about supplements that would be beneficial to a healthy lifestyle. Available to members in the Level 2 membership.

Controlling STRESS Over Age 45 – Strategies and Tactics For Dealing With What Life Throws At You. Available to you at no cost with your Level 2 Membership.
SAA Community – Private Facebook Group – The Successful Aging Academy private group is for those over the age of 45, with like minded goals to lose weight, reclaim their health and develop a resilient mindset.

SAA Resources – Recommended products and supplements.