Hey!  As I write this, it is about 92 degrees outside….and as many of you know, I have written a book called “The Red Wine Diet”.

Here’s the problem with those two facts…

A nice tall glass of red wine does NOT sound thrilling to me when the temperature is this hot.   I’m guessing many of you agree.


I went to one of the area’s foremost experts on all things wine to get some ideas and options.  The result?

Here is part one of my interview with Samanta Ettore, the owner of Wine Sense in Andover.  (This place is my FAVORITE wine store – and they just won “Best of the North Shore” for their category…again!)

Congratulations to Samanta and her super-experienced staff!

After our brief chat, I am taking her advise to heart!

BTW, on the first Thursday of every month, Samanta hosts a free wine tasting at Wine Sense.  Please feel free to come by.  I will likely be popping in at some point since I am part of her AWESOME wine club.

($49/month for 4 bottles of her hand-picked wines – you do the math!)

I strongly recommend her shop.  (No, I am not getting paid to say that!)

Also, you can find out all the ‘happenings’ at Wine Sense by visiting her site:  www.wine-sense.net