One less slice of bread will not be missed…
One less glass of wine will not ruin your evening…
Skipping dessert will not hurt the experience of a great dinner…
Adding an extra 15 minutes at the gym will throw off your schedule for the day…

None of this things, when looked at by itself, mean much of anything.

These are the small simple steps that take you steadily towards your goal(s).

Over the years, the people I see FAIL to reach their goals have CONSISTENTLY tried to make massive, wholesale changes all at once.
We aren’t designed to work that way.

We like habit.

We detest change to our routine…even if that routine is killing us!

Sure, some people do it successfully. But are we really here to hold up the exception to the rule as the right way to go?

Doesn’t work.

Calories in one slice of bread: approx. 79
Calories in one glass of wine (5oz): approx. 124 (Seriously, who drinks just 5 ounces of wine?)
Calories in a typical dessert: anywhere from 184 – 500!
Calories burned during 15 minutes at the gym (lifting weights): over 100!

All of these things can painlessly happen in any given week.

For the food and drink that’s over 500 calories gone week after week, so multiply that times 52 weeks and you have avoided over 28,000 calories!
Now burn off another 5,000 calories during the extra time at the gym during the course of the year…things add up quickly.

No pain.

No crazy adjustments.

No fads.

By the way, all this adds up to about 6+ pounds of fat loss. Pretty passively achieved.

Break things down.
Make small, incremental change/improvement.

Some of you will recognize this as the basis for Kaizen (the Japanese business principle of constant improvement).
It applies to human “systems” just as easily.

This is also one of the foundational concepts in the Successful Aging Academy!

Let’s incorporate this into your goal setting plan…

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Stay strong!