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Others in a similar program have seen these results.


The success I have achieved with Successful Aging Academy (SSA) has been tremendous. I haven’t really thought about health and nutrition until recently as conditions have changed. SSA has been transformative! I have made significant changes in attitude and habit as a result of the program which has allowed me to succeed.

Ronald J. Mastrocola
(Ron has been participating in the program with his wife, Nancy. See her testimonial on this page. We strongly recommend this type of support system!)

Art McDermott has accomplished something via The Successful Aging Academy that everyone, but especially “boomers” like myself, should utilize in his or her life.

He has put together a fantastic program that integrates exercise, nutrition and a lifestyle approach with an end goal of overall wellness that will be life changing if adopted and integrated into a daily routine!

Chip Huckins

I've been strength training for about 14 years. Up until now, it was always "work" but something I knew I needed to do. Two kids and much stress later, I found myself struggling to keep the weight off. I realized that working out on my own wasn't giving me the results it once did.
Art combines advanced knowledge in strength training and nutrition. Many trainers "think" they know a lot, but Art truly does.
Many thanks, I'm committed for life!
Laurie Liatsos

I am 45 years old and in roughly 16 months I have lost around 33-34 lbs of weight and more importantly close to 10% body fat. My body composition has radically changed in a relatively short period of time and that's tough once you get into your 40's.

In contrast I spent 6-7 years in a "regular" gym faithfully doing 45-60 minutes on the ellipticals and a 30 minutes weight circuit for 3-4 times a week. The result of those 6-7 years in a "regular" gym were a weight gain of around 20 lbs.

Sanj Devani

I have now worked with Art McDermott as my coach for over six years and I am always impressed by his creativity in customizing my workout, with full understanding of my individual needs, abilities and limitations.
Every year I end up significantly healthier than the preceding years…
Indu Isaacs. – Art’s longest “tenured” client

"It has been an interesting journey I have begun with Art and the Successful Aging Academy group.

At first I was just looking for a way to lose some weight and maybe get in a little better shape but it has turned into much more than that. I am feeling more transformed than simply thinner.

Sure, my pants fit better now, and that's certainly a big win for me ... but that's not the real value here! Through his advanced consultative approach Art has helped me identify and remove many bad habits that I spent almost half a lifetime developing and replace them with healthy ones.

Rick Cavallero

Just wanted to thank you for offering such an awesome program. I love the group dynamic, and being able to work at your own level. I particularly like the variety of activities and the sense of fun that's built into the program, it keeps it interesting and challenging.
Jackie Moses

I have tried 5 different, very popular diet programs. They were all very expensive and didn't work. I know everyone says the same thing, that's because it's true. Like you said to me in the beginning, don't diet, just make better choices - always.

And now I do and that's what's working for me. No diet has ever made me feel this good!!

Maria P.

As the scales started to show a positive response, then when the mirror started to reflect those changes, I found renewed energy, belief, and incentive.
Over the past 5 weeks, I have dropped almost two full pant sizes and 20 pounds. I’m not surprised about the weight loss, although, I am a bit astounded by the physical changes…
I recommend this program to everyone. If you want to get stronger, if you want to be better in sports, if you just want to lose some weight, join in.
Ed Bassett

SAA has been a life changer for me. At my age I have finally found the support system, exercise plan and nutrition plan that works! It’s not easy to make this kind of change. The one on one interaction offered with Art was what made it work for me!

Good luck!!
Nancy Mastrocola

I was doing the classic yo-yo up and down weight thing, mostly up...Art guided me through the lifestyle changes I needed to make to stop this and get healthy. Art's approach is easily understood, actionable, and sustainable, and he was there encouraging me every step of the way.

John Vetere

When I started working with Art 6 years ago, I was 46 and wanted to feel and look better. I was eating all wrong and not working out in a beneficial way. Art completely changed the way I ate and worked out.

Today, I feel great and look fit. It feels awesome when people are surprised that I am 52. Art is an amazing coach and mentor!

Linda Bara

Art brings a unique combination of passion and professionalism to his field. His ability to inspire that is backed up with many years of experience makes him one of the most effective providers of his service in our area.
Dave Sollars –
David Sollars Consulting

I have been familiar with Art for many years since my son and nephew have been working with Art for years with incredible success, as both are playing at the Division One / Two levels in competitive college programs. I had gotten myself in to a situation in which I had gained a significant amount of weight and was devoid of any motivation to do anything about it. My blood pressure was up and my morale was down….

…I can honestly say that this has changed my life and I have never felt better….Before you know it, you are doing things that you never thought possible.

My results were more energy than I can ever remember, I feel better about myself, and my blood pressure is in the normal range.

Although I have more weight to lose, I am confident that I will lose the rest. I know that this may be a cliché, but, if I can do it anyone can. Just ask my family and friends! In the end, after the six week session, I am down 18 pounds!

I want to thank Art for helping to motivate me and changing my life.

Lyz Farnham

I went to Art at the beginning of March because I was struggling to lose the “holiday” weight I had gained. I knew I needed to re-work my diet, but I am horrible at portion control and have a major sweet tooth, so I went to get some advice and have my body fat calculated.

When Art suggested that I go “grain free”, 2 things came to mind…1. Will it even work? and 2. Will I be able to do it? (I grew up on pasta at least 4 meals a week). But I said “OK” because I trusted Art and because I knew I needed something to kick start me.

The results were INCREDIBLE! Now before I tell you about it, I would like to address everyone out there who may hold the misconception that I am somehow “metabolically gifted”, you should know these 3 facts about me

1) I am 40 years old
2) I have a low thyroid (causes weight gain and fatigue) and
3) I take other medications that can cause weight gain of 50 lbs or more in some people.

That being said, after 8 weeks, not only did I lose weight, I lost 4% body fat so far! (and the best part is that I lost absolutely zero muscle mass)…

…I feel great, I look better and I have Art’s program to thank for it. I’m still working toward my goal…so go ahead and follow Art’s advice as best you can and you will definitely enjoy the results!

Julie Serino

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