Our tailored solutions involve a combination of any of these signature services. If something you wish to implement is NOT listed here, just ask…

Site and Employee Surveys

Surveys can save time and money by preventing the wrong programs from being put in place.

Lunch 'N Learn & Conference Presentations

Our professional speakers deliver high-impact and memorable content…every time.

Facility Design

Don’t design a facility no one will use. We can help you avoid all the common mistakes with one visit.

Equipment Acquisition

Never overpay for fitness equipment again. Take advantage of our buying power.

Group Exercise Classes & One-on-One Training

We are program design experts and will design safe and effective programs for ALL ability levels.

Nutrition Coaching

Our web-based nutrition software is the industry-leading answer to the biggest health issue your employees face – How to eat right!

Equipment Acquisition

If employees can change their single worst habit, they can change everything. Our web-based software will walk them through it.

On-Going Educational Classes

Some topics are simply too vital of a one-time workshop. We can design a longer term curriculum to address these issues.

Contest Design & Implementation

These fun and engaging options can be the spark for true, long-term change. We will handle all the details.

Here is our rationale…

Our programs can be utilized for employees of all ages, but we focus primarily on three objectives:

  • Working with employees over age 40-45
  • Helping “high-risk” employees who have frequent insurance utilization, as well as the highest absenteeism rates.
  • Initiating a positive change in overall company culture

How does it work?

The infographic below is a simplified version of our straightforward process.

We use state-of-the-art software to provide the following:
  • ZIndividualized Nutritional Coaching
  • ZCustom Fitness Workouts
  • ZMulti-Topic Accountability Programming
  • Z“Self-Selected” Content Management

All are available in an easy-to-use mobile format.

These tools are the difference between outdated views of corporate wellness and today’s “employee-centric” solutions that show real world results.

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all wellness program!

While some well-known brands would have you think otherwise, the reality is that the most impactful programs are the ones your employees will actually use!

And this does NOT work with a cookie-cutter approach.

And more importantly, technology now allows us to keep the implantation costs to a minimum.

If you have concerns about any of the following topics, we urge you to set up a free consultation today…

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We look forward to improving the health of your employees, as well as the health of your bottom line!

Art McDermott CSCS CISSN