I have been writing about the health benefits of red wine for a long time.  Generally, the benefits revolve around heart health.

However, in my research, I came across several more studies which focused on completely different areas.

Believe me, I have had some VERY spirited debates with other trainers about this subject.  Most trainers are ADAMANT in their opinions.

They tell all their clients to stop drinking alcohol when it comes time to lose weight.  I disagree.

In fact, on one science site where I conduct research, I came across no less than 16 studies on the first page of the search results promoting the benefits of red wine and its most ‘popular’ ingredient – resveratrol.  Sixteen studies.

Mixed in among these studies was one I found VERY interesting and which could impact you…

Here is short list of the positive research:

  • Red wine can slow cognitive decline…including Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Red wine can inhibit cavities (counter intuitive isn’t it?)
  • Red wine may enhance the effect of certain cancer treatments
  • Red wine supports vascular health
  • Red wine contains a compound which helps sugar metabolism
  • Red wine may increase the amount of ‘good’ bacteria in the gut
  • Red wine has an anti-inflammatory effect on the body with may be the source of most of these benefits!

So is there a down side?  Of course!

To say we can all drink as much red wine as we like would be negligent on my part.  No question.

Excessive intake of alcohol can lead to a host of health problems including alcoholism, cancer, cardio-vascular disease, depression, liver damage and more.

The moral of the data?  You can drink wine…just not all of it!

But, the benefits are hard to deny.

So what about the study I found most interesting…the one that impacts my career the most?

Red wine has been shown to prevent immature fat cells from maturing.  

Meaning?  Red wine can assist in preventing weight gain.  Pretty powerful stuff!

Here is a related ‘factoid’.  When you examine red wine consumption around the world,

France – not too surprisingly – comes in at number 3.   The United States?  A distant number 56!

So…if the French drink WAY more wine than we do, yet don’t have nearly the obesity problem found in the US population, it is reasonable to assume wine consumption is not the likely cause of our weight issue.

Perhaps the problem is our diet?  Maybe our obesity issue is a result of other poor lifestyle choices?  Hmmm…I’m guessing yes.

Over the years I ran my training facilities, I made the smart decision to track each and every pound our clients lost.  Can you hazard a guess at the number?

Over 5000 pounds!  That’s 2.5 tons of body fat – GONE.

I am very proud of that statistic and the work the staff and I put in to make that happen.

And guess what…throughout that period, I never asked a single client to stop drinking alcohol to achieve their goals.

Alcohol is not the enemy.

All that being said, losing body fat does need to be done correctly.

The expression is:  “It’s not rocket science, but it’s science.”

I agree.

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Committed to your health,


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