A few random items as we move into the weekend…

  • This week’s storm and major chest cold (courtesy of my son!) threw me off my regular blogging patterns this week. I point this out largely because starting next week, I will be rolling out a series of more personal posts I hope will help readers out there dealing challenges in their lives.  Stay tuned…
  •  McDonald’s is hurting. As you can imagine, this does not break my heart.  I personally believe the largest restaurant chain in the world should be closed…but that’s just me.

It turns out many Americans are moving away from traditional fast food in favor of “fast casual”.  These are places like Chipotle and Boston Market which emphasize more natural ingredients.  Mind you their menus don’t exactly represent ideal nutrition, but it is definitely a step up from a Big Mac with fries and large soda.

McDonalds has always borne the brunt of the anti-fast food movement due to their incredible size.  Just this week, their CEO stepped down after about 19 years with the company but on the heels of their worst year ever.  Even he warned there may be more bad news to come.

One small victory for the American waistline!

  • File this under “No Surprise”! A large-scale study confirms the notion that feeling younger than your chronological age reduces the chances of dying.  I have heard that many baby boomers have an image of themselves as being roughly 10 years younger than what they actually are.  Turns out this is a very good thing and not necessarily a delusion to be corrected.  Think young – be young!
  • On another note, tomorrow is one of those days I will NOT be worrying too much about my actual caloric intake. I will watch the Super Bowl, eat plenty of food and sip on some wine.  While I take a break from my usual eating habits, I will not go insane.  Since we are hosting some family members and a few friends I am sure the tempting foods will be available is larger supply than usual!

I will make it a point to fill up on healthy options early.  This will make it much less likely I attack a large pizza by myself later.  I intend to get a challenging workout in at about noon, have a healthy lunch and make sure to hit my favorite ‘safe food’ – mixed nuts (cashews, pecan and walnuts) as party time nears.

That’s it for today…short and sweet.  Enjoy the game and stay healthy my friends!