I have a short, simple point to make today…

It’s this:

Some people think they’re being selfish to put themselves first.

It’s like the first time you hear the flight attendant say, “Please put on your own oxygen mask first before helping others.”

It just sounds really selfish.

But, of course, we all know why…

You can’t very well help anyone else if you’re not getting any oxygen!

That would be bad.

In my world it’s pretty similar.

You can’t help your loved ones if your health or mindset has deteriorated over the years.

Once that happens, unfortunately, you become part of the problem.

Instead of being the “rock”, you become the burden.

For 2019, I’m asking you to put yourself first.

Stop letting life get in the way!

You can’t be there for others if you’re just struggling to stay in the game…

Let’s start in January and see what your life looks like by summer.  I suspect you’ll be amazed!

Here…take the oxygen mask.

You’re up.

I’m looking for 10 people to join me in a “6 Month Sprint

We will be DONE in June.  Looking great for summer!

The goal we decide upon together will be achieved or your money will be refunded in full!”

(I take the risk, not you)

Here’s what you get:

  • Complete Nutritional coaching (meal plans, recipes, shopping lists, etc.)
  • A “Success & Goal Setting” call with me to start things off and pinpoint your key obstacles
  • Custom workouts using the approach of your choice (lifting weights, running, biking, boot camp, etc.) New ones each month to prevent boredom
  • Membership in our private Facebook for 24/7 access to additional resources and support
  • A weekly “Q&A” call to answer your most pressing questions.
  • Your own custom online membership portal on my site with access to the large list of resources I created for you myself.  (I’ll give you the tour when we speak)

Cost:  $575.00 – for 6 full months!

There are two start dates:  January 7th or if you need another week to be ready – January 14th.

Your choice.  Pick one…

Let me ask you this?

What image to you have when you think of “I achieved my goal!  This is exactly what I wanted!”

What vision pops into your head?  Well, that’s where we’re headed.  I’ll be your coach for every step.

Are you with us?

Let do this.

Stay strong!


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EMAIL ME:  artmcdermott68@gmail.com