Like many individuals and most businesses, I do a lot of year-end planning.

For me personally, 2019 was strong and an clear improvement over 2018.

ANYTHING is better than 2017…which was a serious low point for me.

Looking back, 2017 was one of those years when even friends and family just looked at me and shook their heads.

“That sucked!” is the usual comment…or something even more colorful.

I have to agree.


Major surgery…

And a complete business “restructuring”…

Let’s not do that again, shall we?  <<insert violent shudder here>>


Fast-forward to 2020…

Every year I review the areas of my life and look at what can be improved.  Without getting too deep in the weeds here, I’ve selected the following categories to put major focus upon:

  • Physical improvement: Most of this is on point, but I’m having some hip pain that is interfering with my training, so I’ve made repairing/fixing this a top priority.  I also want to heed my own advice and get my sleeping patterns dialed in.


  • Business Lead Generation: I feel very happy with “what” we do now at SAA. It’s the “who” that I’m focused on now.  I want to help more and more people achieve their health goals.

And while I know my system works, I just need to get in front of more of my ideal clients (yes, that’s likely to be someone like you.)  This means I’ll be looking at different, more effective ways to spread my message.

That’s it.  Nothing more complicated than that.

As I mentioned, that’s a far cry from 2017 when I had next to nothing to work with…

Which brings me to today’s “theme”…

When I look at 2017 and compare it to today.  I’m incredibly grateful.

I’m grateful for me clients…

I’m grateful for the team I have in place…

I’m grateful for the mentors I’ve worked with who’ve help guide me to this point…

And I’m especially grateful for my friends and family who have been there the entire time, with unwavering support.

I read something interesting the other day.

This article said, “It’s impossible to be grateful and angry at the same time.  They’re mutually exclusive.”

I love that concept.

This means if I express gratitude every day, I’ll have fewer and fewer of those negative, self-defeating moments in my life.

I’m all for that!

I’ve stayed true to this by waking up each day and writing down 3 things I’m grateful for in a journal…a habit I fully intend to maintain in 2020.

And so, back to the subject line above…

What is my wish for you in 2020?

That you can:

  • See in your mind what your “ideal” physical goal looks like
  • Spell out a clear and realistic plan to get there
  • And experience the incredible sense of gratitude that comes with achieving this goal

That’s it.

Imagine what your life could look like in 366 days from now (yes, this is a leap year!) if you were to achieve your No. 1 goal!

Can you picture it?

You’d be unstoppable.  Wouldn’t you?!

And at the end of the year, you’d experience a level of gratitude about your life that would be hard to match.

This makes it all worthwhile.

On that note…

Happy New Year to you and your family.

May each passing year get better for you!