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In This Guide You Will Learn

The Five Most Important Issues
Slowing Your Metabolism!

Disrupted Sleep

Great sleep builds up what I refer to as your reserves’ You have more energy.

Elevated Stress Levels

The source(s) of this stress are as varied as we are: work, health, finances, relationships…

Conditioned Behaviors (aka Negative Daily Patterns)

Conditioned Behavior leads to in proper eating habits, that should be avoided.

Muscle Mass Loss

Holding on to our muscle mass is much more under our control than we ever realized!

Processed Carbohydrate Intake

if you’re looking to improve your metabolism and lose weight, ALL PROCESSED CARBS should be avoided.

Here’s what some of Art’s clients have to say about the Successful Aging Academy and Art’s approach…

“The success I have achieved with Successful Aging Academy (SSA) has been tremendous. I haven’t really thought about health and nutrition until recently, as conditions have changed. I’m now at my goal weight having lost 25 pounds in just a couple of months!”

Ronald J. Mastrocola

“Art McDermott has accomplished something via The Successful Aging Academy that everyone, but especially “boomers” like myself, should utilize in his or her life.

He has put together a fantastic program that integrates exercise, nutrition and a lifestyle approach with an end goal of overall wellness that will be life changing, if adopted and integrated into a daily routine!”

Ronald J. Mastrocola

A 58 year old banking executive, lost 28 pounds when we identified the single pattern that was sabotaging him almost daily.

David C

An executive with a large real estate management group (his testimonial appears below) hit his goal weight within two and half months of starting our program, after years of slow steady weight gain.

Ron M

“As the scales started to show a positive response, and then when the mirror started to reflect those changes, I found renewed energy, belief, and incentive.

Over the past 5 weeks, I have dropped almost two full pant sizes and 20 pounds. I’m not surprised about the weight loss, although, I am a bit astounded by the physical changes…

I recommend this program to everyone. If you want to get stronger, if you want to be better in sports, if you just want to lose some weight, join in.”

Ed Bassett

“I was 46 and wanted to feel and look better. I was eating all wrong and not working out in a beneficial way. Art completely changed the way I ate and worked out.

Today, I feel great and look fit. It feels awesome when people are surprised that I am 52.”

Linda Bara

A 50 year old customer service specialist, easily dropped 15 pounds in just two short months by tweaking and shortening her workouts using this proven method.

Jody M

“I have tried 5 different, very popular diet programs. They were all very expensive and didn’t work…And now I do and that’s what’s working for me. No diet has ever made me feel this good!! Thanks,”

Maria P.

“It has been an interesting journey I have begun with Art and the Successful Aging Academy group….I am feeling more transformed than simply thinner. Sure, my pants fit better now, and that’s certainly a big win for me … but that’s not the real value here!

Through his advanced consultative approach Art has helped me identify and remove many bad habits that I spent almost half a lifetime developing, and replace them with healthy ones.”

Rick Cavallero

“SAA has been a life changer for me. At my age I have finally found the support system, exercise plan and nutrition plan that works! I’m now just 4 pounds away from goal weight and should hit that within a couple more weeks”

Nancy Mastrocola

“A TV network sports show producer, lost 34 pounds and increased his muscle mass simply by focusing on a few critical food choices that were dominating his incredibly tight schedule.

Jim B

Stay Strong!

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