I came across this video on Facebook. Many of us who grew up in the 60’s recall the President’s Physical Fitness Challenge. John F. Kennedy called on American schools to improve the overall fitness levels of our youth. How far away from this goal have we drifted.

The California High School pictured here became the national example of what a proper fitness program should look like. I ask you to take 5 minutes and watch this.

The folks being interviewed on occasion, refer to a documentary being filmed for release in summer 2016.

NOTE: The high school boys in this video are AMAZINGLY fit! If I went to any area high school today, I’ll wager I would only find one or two students with similar physiques similar to what you see here. Here you see dozens of healthy, fit teenagers – not just one of two exceptions…

Instead of asking our youth to be fit and ready to handle today’s stressful lifestyle and demands and establish patterns of life-long heath, we cancel PE classes and parents write excuses for little Johnny and Suzie to get OUT of PE because it might be too hard for them.

It’s criminal. I’ll bet a PE teacher would get FIRED today it they asked students to participate in a class like the ones in this video.