This Saturday is a pretty big day in sports.  If you follow the big annual events, you may be aware The Kentucky Derby is this Saturday.  Yeah, I realize for many the Mayweather – Pacquiao fight is the much bigger news.  However, the steep pay-per-view price tag make a Kentucky Derby themed party sound like more fun.

I have invited some friends and family over to buy ‘all in’ with the Southern theme.  We will have Derby napkins; Derby cups filled with Mint Juleps (whatever they are); ribs smoked in my smoker and plenty of big hats, etc.  I’m actually looking forward to it.

No matter what sporting event you prefer – if any, I thought you could use 5 fun facts as conversation starters.   Just thinking of you…

I equate these blogs to the on-line version of those “best of…” TV shows where they put together highlights of the best shows of the past season.

Here you go:

  • As if we needed another reason to avoid fast food. A new study out today says eating fast food is associated with poor development in school aged students.   Students in 5th through 8th grade were followed.

The results of this study showed the student who ate the most fast food showed the slowest development across all subjects!

One important ‘take-away’ for parents:  It is impossible to view the mind and the body separately.  We all know the consequences to our waistline resulting from poor nutrition.  However, this study shows an important link between the food we eat and our mental development.

  • My favorite supplement – Curcumin scores another victory. A recent study from Australia now shows curcumin (the substance in turmeric that gives curry its distinctive orange appearance) is effective in combating certain cancers.  It has been known for quite some time that curcumin has powerful anti-inflammatory effects.  Doctors in the study believe it is this same effect which contributes to this effect here.  NOTE:  I personally take several grams of curcumin each morning.


  • The World Health Organization (WHO) warns that solid evidence correlates the intake of excess sugar – in the form of sugars added to processed foods as well as that present in fruit juices and cereals – as a major contributor to overweight, obesity, and tooth decay.


WHO issued new guidelines for people to reduce sugar intake to no more than 10% of their overall calories.   The recommendation does not apply to naturally occurring sugars in fruits, vegetables, and milk. To meet the lower threshold, the average American and European would need to slash their average sugar intake by two-thirds or more.


  • Five foods to eat after a workout: Without getting into too much science, here is the short version of 5 great foods to eat AFTER you hit the gym.
    1. Avocado: Good fats for muscle repair and plenty of B vitamins
    2. Whey protein: Fat-burning protein for muscle repair and growth
    3. Eggs: my favorite all around ‘complete’ protein
    4. Sweet potato: Nutrient-rich carb source.  Carbs are needed for just about everything!
    5. Cherry juice: An awesome source of anti-oxidants and helps reduce muscle soreness

NOTE:  Avoid any brand coming from concentrate…if has to be fresh!


  • The more stress you experience, the more pain you experience. In a study in Israel, stress was deliberately induced in a large group of men (How?  By exposing them to a math test and telling them they did poorly…even if they got the answers correct.  By NOT providing a way to improve their scores, stress could be created. Pretty clever)


The study showed the more stress an individual was put under, the less they were able to control their own pain responses.


What does this mean?  When life starts putting you through the grinder and you’re really feeling stressed, it is more likely the pain you feel from all your aches and pains will increase as well.


My recommendation?  Relax this weekend, have a mint julep and cheer on your favorite horse…


Have a great week everyone!

Committed to your health,