Attention: If you own your own business, or are considered “key personnel” of any organization, this may be the most important program you put in place this year…

Being A Part Of An Executive Wellness Program
Is Helping People Like You Improve Their Health
Become Better Leaders
And Positively Impact The Bottom Line Of Their Companies

Imagine if – in a just a few short months from now – you could…
  • ZHave increased energy throughout your entire workday…
  • ZAchieve greater quality output in less time…
  • ZBe a positive example to those around you…
  • ZBe more resilient when dealing with challenges…
  • ZReduce your overall stress levels…
  • ZBe an even better negotiator…
  • ZGet sick less frequently…
  • ZAnd, set yourself up for an improved quality of life in the years to come.

Here’s an example of what I mean…

[True Story]

I have a current client is a partner in her business.

She has expressed to me on more than one occasion that one of the reasons she’s involved with Successful Aging Academy

is because she feels an “unspoken pressure” to keep up with the other people in her office.

She’s several years older than most other employees and—as a partner in the business—it’s vital that she remain fully capable of handling her share of the workload.

“Keeping up with the kids” as she calls it…

The business is successful and comes with a lot of responsibility…and a very demanding pace.

Over the past year, she has made it her primary purpose to be a vital cog and never a “burden” to business growth. She will not tolerate needing other employees to pick up her slack.

This serves as a powerful motivator for her.

Since she has started to follow a very specific type of training and nutritional strategy we designed for her, being “passed by” in her own business is no longer a concern.

She’s now in a position to be an example to younger employees who work for her; allowing her to bring a high-energy level to her work each day.

And this attitude is directly reflected in the quantity and quality of work produced from others around her.

In the end, she’s a better leader, and contributor, elevating the business as a whole.

Though a simple example like this, we see…

Improved Leadership

Improved Motivation

Improved Performance


Improved Work Ethic

Here’s another client example…

One very high-level venture capital fund manager explained that he is now thinking more clearly, and has seen dramatically improved negotiation results, since altering his diet to move away from traditional morning options and towards a unique and customized nutritional strategy we created just for him.

He’s seeing his career options open up, at an age when more fellow managers are simply trying to hang on…

This mindset is especially important in a smaller business.

Imagine for a moment the dramatic effect a health scare would present to a small business, if that “linchpin” person had to step back.

Slowed growth…

Increased insurance obligations…

A lack of direction…

The scramble to recapture productivity…

The list goes on.

In fact, it’s not unusual for businesses to close their doors when the founder’s health falters.

Gone are the days when C-Suite “self-care” is considered optional…
Working smarter is the dominant theme in today’s workplace

Ask yourself this question:

How much would your business improve if you could function “in the zone” whenever you needed to?

Our Executive Wellness Coaching Program modifies our highly successful Online Coaching program, and tailors it to the unique needs of business owners and executives.

Here’s what’s included:


Weekly Calls

Weekly accountability coaching calls with a private, certified coach.



Coordination through your assistant to assure proper scheduling and communication


Meal Plans

Meal plans designed to fit your lifestyle and to optimize your health.


Time-efficient workouts built to fit any location.

Supplement Protocol

Individualized supplement protocols to keep you functioning your best.

Goal Setting

Goal-setting sessions with long-range planning to keep you on track at all times.

Cardio Equipment

[Optional] Your choice of cardio equipment delivered to your location for the duration of the program.
As a business owner or key personnel in your company, in order to keep your company moving forward, you’re required to be at your best at all times.

Our Executive Wellness Coaching Program provides the support and planning you need to keep your body and mind sharp…and help you improve the bottom line in the process.

It all starts with a simple call…

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Art McDermott CSCS CISSN