Welcome to the home of the “Dating Up Blueprint”…

You’re here because you’re either going through a divorce or your divorce is final, and you’ve decided it’s time to get back out there…

Either way, you’ve found a program that will address the biggest obstacles standing between you and finding the type of woman you SHOULD be with!

Going Through A Divorce Is Not Only Financially, Mentally And Physically Draining, But Life AFTER Divorce Can Be The Start Of A  Brand-New Set Of Frustrations!

The approach you’ll discover through the program described below can turn ‘post-divorce’ dating from a frustrating and time-consuming “chore” that many men dread, into something you have complete control over.

And it can all happen MUCH FASTER than you think!

Without spending hours online and making no connections…

Without turning your schedule upside down to make all the changes you want…

And without wasting night after valuable night meeting complete mismatches…

Even if you’ve tried other sites and got nowhere…

Even if you think meeting the type of woman you want to, seems nearly impossible…

And even if you’re ready to swear off dating entirely!

Before we go any further, it’s important to state what the Successful Aging Academy Divorced Men Program is NOT:
  • SAA is not a dating site. Period. But we will have a powerful impact on how your dating life progresses.
  • If your goal is to have sex with as many women as possible, there are plenty of websites that will happily take your money based upon that premise. Not this one.
  • This program is not a primer on how to act on a date...although this topic may come up in our private group, it is not our “prime directive.”
The Successful Aging Academy Divorced Men’s Program is for men who are looking to make meaningful changes to their health, appearance and mindset, with the intention of finding the right partner, and with as little disruption to their busy routine as possible.
“It’s time to burn all those red flags and date up!”

If you’re over 45 and find yourself preparing to date again, you very quickly discover how different things are “out there” now.

  • UThere are different expectations...
  • UYou’re being judged, assessed, and scrutinized for the first time in years; from your online profile to your physique and even your demeanor when you walk in the door for that first date...
  • UThanks to technology and modern dating protocols, the rules you relied upon for much of your life no longer apply...
But life doesn’t stop just because you want to start dating again.

You still have responsibilities to yourself and to others.

You need a solution that fits your lifestyle, is proven to work, and will address all the areas you want to improve upon.

Initial Call

An Initial Goal-Setting and Planning call.

Weekly Check-In

A 15-minute weekly check-in call to ensure everything stays on track.

Nutrition Plan

A complete nutrition plan, designed by a Registered Dietician.

Custom Workout Plan

A custom workout plan tailored to your lifestyle and personally designed by me.

Daily Accountability

Daily “accountability” check-ins through our exclusive software so you’re never more than a text message away from support & feedback.

Facebook Group

Inclusion in our Private Facebook group, with other guys facing the same successes and challenges you are!

It all starts with a free, no-obligation phone call.

And let’s face it, if you’ve been through a divorce, making that call is a walk in the park!

My Story…

When I got divorced after a twenty-year marriage, I quickly realized things had to change unless I wanted to be alone for the rest of my days…which was NOT an option.

Even though I was in the fitness industry, I didn’t have the self-assurance I had years ago.

I didn’t “own the room” when I walked in.

Coming off my divorce, my confidence was at an all-time low.

I got my first wake-up call, when I started getting turned down for dates by women I felt equal to on every level.

I discovered right away that women sense when a man has confidence in himself, and when he does not.  Few traits are more attractive than confidence…call it the “alpha” thing if you like.

If you feel self-conscious about your body, it shows.

If you’re feeling negative about the entire dating experience, women know.

My personal low-point was when I met someone I was certain I would hit it off with, but on the first date she pulled the, “Hey I have to get up early tomorrow” line in the middle of our first drink!

I was completely confused and annoyed…

It turns out, I was making some of the most common errors men (and women) make when they start dating again…

Once I took a step back and poured my expertise into an efficient and well-thought out “blueprint”, that’s when everything changed!

Here’s what I did… 

I took complete ownership and control of my physical appearance.

Like the commercial says, “Just okay is not okay.” I lost 20 pounds with a few simple “tweaks” to what I was already doing…I invented what I call “micro-workouts” that didn’t take hours to complete.

I fixed my mindset.

One day a friend came to me and said, “Art, you’re kinda tough to be round right now. You’re constantly negative.” Going through a divorce can have a powerful and emotional impact. It can leave you drained, stressed and down.

Fixing that was my next project…

By starting each day with a very specific “power ritual”, I completely changed the energy I gave off…

Finally, I addressed my overall nutrition.

I pinpointed the 6 foods that were not only killing my energy, but short-circuiting my “drive…” if you know what I mean.

The result?  At age 58, I’m in the best cardiovascular shape of my life, and my body fat is as low as it’s ever been!

Honestly, I was amazed at how quickly things fell into place.

I would go shopping and catch women looking at me.  “She’s checking me out!” I said to myself…

I was happy inside and out once again, and it showed!

There’s no reason the same thing can’t happen to you.

But before you step back into the fray, there are a few things you MUST have in place!

From where you are now, this may sound like a prolonged transformation, but it won’t be.  In fact, the entire process can happen in just a few short months.

Here’s what you can expect from our “Date Up Blueprint”
** BONUS**


If you’re on a dating site or planning to go on one…


You should shut your profile down RIGHT NOW until you take the time to complete this program.

Here’s why…

Doing things in the right order prevents you from becoming a “stale listing…”that guy who is always there on the site, and a position which makes you completely un-dateable…

You’ll become an automatic “swipe left”!!!

Let’s work together to prevent that, and “level up” the type of women seeking you out.


At the beginning of this page, I mentioned that we’re NOT a dating site.  

That’s true.

However, as an added extra, you can have your dating profile reviewed by our in-house dating expert (yes, she’s a divorced woman who knows what women want to see and hear). 

We’ll optimize your online presence to increase the response rate and the quality of women you really want to meet.

We’ll even help you with your photos, profile wording, and provide tips on how to handle those key “first encounters”.

It’s a fact that women spend MUCH more time and attention building their own profiles,

AND closely studying the ones they read…meaning yours!

Mess up this first impression and there are no second chances…you’ll get what you get.

Of course, if you think you have this part nailed down, you don’t HAVE to take advantage of this bonus, but it’s nice to know it’s there…

“Nix The Swipe Left!”

If you’re ready to “nix the swipe left”, and be that guy who has women reaching out to you on a regular basis, we need to talk…

If you’ve had that “rude awakening” (as I did), or if you’re looking to avoid embarrassing encounters, we need to talk…

If you don’t have hours and hours each day to dedicate to making these vital changes, we need to talk.

And if you’re starting to realize that you need to bring more to the table than a solid income and a cool job title, we need to talk.

Listen, there’s a reason you can go on a dating site and see the same faces there month after month…

There are VERY CLEAR REASONS some people have great experiences dating after divorce while others are miserable…

Together we’ll focus on “leveling up” your game, AND the type of woman you meet, so you can FINALLY get off the dating merry-go-round.

Fill out this short form below to set up your call today.

It all starts with a free, no-obligation phone call.

We look forward to working with you!

Art McDermott CSCS CISSN