If you’re serious about making 2019 “THAT” year…

If you actually get excited about the idea of taking control of your health again…

If you realize that altering the course of your health is NOT going to get easier as more years pass…

If you’re ready to go, but are just looking for the right starting point…

Then maybe, just maybe, we have a match.

If you’re serious about making 2019 “THAT” year…

If you actually get excited about the idea of taking control of your health again…

If you realize that altering the course of your health is NOT going to get easier as more years pass…

If you’re ready to go, but are just looking for the right starting point…

Then maybe, just maybe, we have a match.

Please read this short page.  By the time you reach the bottom, you’ll know whether or not we’re a good fit for each other.
I promise.

I was texting a friend the other day and they asked, “Why is it that so many people I know are getting sick! Are we really that old?”

I replied, “The 50’s is that time, my friend.”

Unfortunately, it’s true.

When we’re all in our 30’s and 40’s, things are just different. There are generally lots of positive life changes going on. Kid’s, work…

Life has this “moving forward on all cylinders” sort of vibe.

But when you hit your late forties and fifties, things truly are different.

Some changes are so subtle, we don’t really notice them. Others hit us like a freight train.

Some people are flourishing professionally, others struggling. Some people have a close-knit family unit, while others are breaking apart.

This happens professionally, with relationships, and physically.

Paths diverge.

However, there are a few things that unite everyone over 45 or 50.

People may phrase this differently, but to some degree, our bodies betray us…or at the very least, our bodies let us down.

Hormones change.

Muscle mass disappears, while body fat seems to creep in so easily.

Endurance drops.

Moods can change, as well.

Sleep can become a challenge.

Stress emerges as a more dominant force.

Activity levels change.

Those endless ‘reserves’ we used to possess in the previous decades are more depleted.

And life happens to us…

But as we’ll see, we are much more in control of all these events than we believe.

Whenever I speak to a group of people over age 50, I always say, “If you’re over age 50 and nothing really bad has happened to you, can I have your life please?”

I see the heads in the room nodding along. They understand.

Stuff. Just. Happens.

Think of it this way: Accidents and illness aside, the decisions we make in our forties come home to roost in our fifties.

By the time we reach our sixties, either we have addressed the issue(s) or the s**t is hitting the fan.

The people who seem to have it dialed in in their seventies are ones to be admired. “Look at her. Isn’t she something!”

“Boy, he looks great for seventy-two, doesn’t he?”

Make no mistake…

Our “aging trajectory” as the experts call it, is being determined now, whether we like it or not.

For some, this trajectory is excellent.

Others, not so much.

You can change your trajectory more than you realize!

You can create the life you envisioned… One with amazing energy levels… A clear mind full of positivity… A body ready for activity and adventure…

It works like this:

  • Recognize the patterns that we have fallen into that are causing the problem(s).


  • Identify the obstacles that prevent us from taking charge of the situation.


  • Create a plan that blows these patterns away and replaces them with new, healthier behaviors.


  • Understand that massive change is possible, as long as we are doing it with a clear and powerful purpose.

These steps of change are available to you right now – in a proven, ‘real world’ format

At the beginning of this page, I mentioned that you would know shortly, if this program is for you.

Well, here is criteria #1:

“If people point to you as the prime example of a fit and energetic person…the one with that constant upbeat attitude and resilience, this program is probably not a good fit for you.”

But then again…you probably knew that already.

However, if you read that sentence and thought, “That’s exactly how I would LIKE to be.”

Well, maybe we have a match…

Who is the Successful Ageing Academy for?

It’s for people who say things like this…

(NOTE: These are actual quotes from my coaching clients)

“I want to be able to do more activities with my husband”

Happy Coaching Client

Successful Ageing Academy

“I want to have more confidence. I don’t feel good about myself”

Happy Coaching Client

Successful Ageing Academy

“I follow this same pattern every evening and I know it’s bad”

Happy Coaching Client

Successful Ageing Academy

“I don’t like it when my “big pants” are too tight”

Happy Coaching Client

Successful Ageing Academy

“I know I need to do something, now”

Happy Coaching Client

Successful Ageing Academy

Through the Successful Aging Academy program you will receive:

  • Nutritional Coaching from a Certified Nutritionist

  • Custom workout planning designed to increase muscle mass and endurance, as well as to improve mobility

  • Habit change training that allows you to identify and destroy the things holding you back

  • A private Facebook community providing support & resources

  • Weekly “live” Q&A calls, and videos on topics effecting your progress

  • A monthly hardcopy newsletter delivered to your door

  • Regular access to me, your personal coach, for goal-setting phone calls, texts, and Voxer check-ins

  • Your own membership portal with a growing library of courses on Sleep, Stress Reduction, The Healthy Road Warrior, Supplements, “Tools of the Trade” and more

Consider these numbers…

Need a nutrition coach?

Going rate = $199 per session with meal plans only – each visit

Want a personal trainer?

Going rate = $65/session or $760+ per month…minimum

How about just some group exercise?

Going rate = $150/month for generic workouts only

The additional courses, personalized support, private access, goal-setting…Heck, I’m not even sure you can price those out!

I spell this out for transparency purposes. One of my goals all along is to produce the best value in the health and fitness industry.

I believe I’ve done that.

So, what am I proposing?


Before you read any further, I want to be clear that this is my “Inner Circle Membership”…not some watered-down version I conjured up for “Cyber Monday”.

I will be your coach, with all the help that implies.

Something not working? We’ll find out what it is and why…

Don’t like a particular workout? I’ll create a new one…

Anything that needs adjusting, changing, tweaking, improving… Done.

Fair enough?

My regular Coaching Program rate is $297/month. Over the course of 6 months this equals $1,782 total.

(By the way, if you begin now, this takes you right up to summer, so you can emerge transformed and ready!)

Your “Cyber Monday” Cost: $1,336 – A 25% savings off the full price.
You can even spread this over 2 payments if you prefer!


Since a lot of the “heavy planning work” is done at the beginning of the program, I AM INCLUDING THE MONTH OF DECEMBER FREE!

All the organization will be done!

When January hits, you will be ready to go!

Oh, why six months?

It has been my experience that this amount of time is ideal for true, long-lasting change.

This, for a program that produced over 100 pounds of weight loss in our small “Beta” testing group this past fall…in less than 6 weeks!

This pricing, as well as this page, will be removed at midnight on Thursday, November 29th. 72 hours total…then I need to return to my standard pricing.















It’s that simple.

Are you ready?

I look forward to working with you!


Art McDermott CSCS CISSN
Founder – Successful Aging Academy

P.S. Go ahead, scroll back up and reread that list of what you get with the program.

I truly believe my program to be the best value in health and fitness right now.

A proven program with me working with you to make it happen!

P.P.S Getting a health and wellness coach is a smart, but significant decision.

It’s important to both of us that you feel good about it.

I’m hoping this GUARANTEE addresses any concerns you may have…

“If by January 1st, 2019, you don’t feel we are a good fit for any reason, I will return every dime of your investment. No hassle.

Therefore, you have 30 days to go through my entire start-up phase and ask whatever questions you like so you can feel great about the direction you’re going.”