Are You Over Age 45, Struggling to Lose Weight, and Looking to Regain Your Youthful Energy?

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You’re about to discover a simple strategy designed specifically for people over the age of 45 that’s already helped people just like you lose over 5,000 pounds of unwanted fat…and counting!
Are you ready?

Because this will be the last weight loss program you’ll ever need.

But the thing is, the Metabolic Spark Program© is so much more than weight loss…

Not only will you lose the weight, but you’ll also “reprogram” your mind and body to keep that weight off for a lifetime!

This approach doesn’t require crazy workouts…

There’s a minimal time commitment…

And you won’t have to give up the foods you love…

No other program addresses the unique needs of folks over age 45 like the Metabolic Spark Program©.

And it’s brought to you by the trusted experts at the Successful Aging Academy.

What makes the Metabolic Spark Program© so unique?

1. The first step is pinning down the real reason you can’t lose weight.

The old “calories in, calories out” mantra is a myth.

If it were that easy, everyone would walk around with six-pack abs and never gain a pound of fat.

It simply doesn’t work that way.

Your hormones are unique…

Your lifestyle is unique…

What works for one person doesn’t work for another. You’ve probably experienced that first-hand…

The Metabolic Spark Program© process will pinpoint your obstacles to success and plug in a plan that fits your lifestyle and address the root cause of your weight gain.

2. You need a program backed by science, not celebrities.

TV personalities, movie stars, and models with private chefs, personal trainers, and paid support teams get paid to say that their diet is the best.

They know nothing about weight loss in the real world.

Our approach is backed by thousands of peer-reviewed studies and our clients have a fully documented fat loss of well over 5,000 pounds!

We combine the proven weight loss techniques with powerful mindset training and activities that suit every fitness level.

3. NO! A slowing metabolism is NOT inevitable as you age!

You have more control over your metabolism than you think. Of course, we all experience changes as we get older, but getting older doesn’t have to mean a steady downhill slide.

Cranking up a stalled metabolism is possible at any age.

Even if you’ve been sedentary for years…

Even if you constantly feel sluggish and tired…

And even if it feels like your body has betrayed you with that slow, steady weight gain.

This program focuses on two things: sustainable weight loss and accelerating your metabolism.

4.You don’t have to turn your life upside down to get back the body you deserve.

Most people are intimidated about starting a weight loss program because they don’t want to live a life of deprivation and spend countless hours plodding along on a treadmill.

But when your metabolism is finally working for you instead of against you, you don’t have to give up the foods you love and you definitely don’t need to be chained to a cardio machine.

You can’t live that way.

No one can.

You need a program that fits effortlessly into your life without massive disruption. Right?

Well, the Metabolic Spark Program© does just that.

It was designed from the ground up by elite nutritional experts and trainers.

This program has been tested, tweaked, and refined over years to provide fast, safe fat loss as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Hi, my name is Art McDermott. I’m the founder of the Successful Aging Academy.

If you’re over the age of 45 and would like to drop some of the weight you’ve gained over the years, then today, we’d like to introduce you to a customized fat-loss program that’s tailor-made for you.

Here’s the problem…

If you’re over the age of 45, most of the information available to you on losing weight isn’t right for you.

Let me explain exactly why…

The fitness industry today is NOT designed with people over age 45 in mind!

The vast majority of solutions in the market are great for the 20 & 30-somethings…but NOT for us.

Our Bodies Are Changing

Our Ability to Recover is Fading

Our Fat-Burning Hormones are Fading Away

We Tend to be Less Active than when we were Younger

And we have Time Limitations Like Never Before

But when you have a custom-made program that factors in everything science has taught us about weight gain over 40, all of this can change quicker than you ever imagined…

We also understand that weight loss is only one part of your journey.

We want to live longer, more vibrant lives and we have high expectations about the QUALITY of our lives…not just the length.

The Metabolic Spark Program© has been quietly improving lives for years.

And it’s so powerful, you could lose 15 lbs – or more – in a matter of weeks…

Even if you’ve tried—and failed—with EVERY dietary approach out there…

Even if you’ve lost all hope of looking like you did years ago…

And even if your body weight has yo-yoed up and down for decades.


This means you’ll finally regain your health and body without plodding along on treadmills for hours…

Without trying to follow some extreme diet…

And without surgery or dangerous supplements.

Doesn’t that sound ideal?

 Imagine participating in family activities again without having to rest all the time…

Tossing away those oversized pants because you’re simply too lean to fill them out…

Getting back the confidence to strip down to that bathing suit at the beach, after so many years…

Or being told you can toss away your blood pressure and Type II diabetes meds!

Think it’s impossible?

It’s NOT.

In fact, during one recent 75 day period, here is a small sample of the results we witnessed:

A 58 year old banking executive, lost 28 pounds when we identified the single pattern that was sabotaging him almost daily. 

David C

A 50 year old customer service specialist, easily dropped 15 pounds in just two short months by tweaking and shortening her workouts using this proven method.

Jody M

An executive with a large real estate management group (his testimonial appears below) hit his goal weight within two and half months of starting our program, after years of slow steady weight gain.

Ron M

A TV network sports show producer, lost 34 pounds and increased his muscle mass simply by focusing on a few critical food choices that were dominating his incredibly tight

Jim B

None of these weight loss results required any more time or effort beyond simple, but powerful, adjustments to things these clients were already doing every day!

Perhaps the most significant part of the “Metabolic Spark Program ©” is that it’s designed around how your body works NOW…not 20 years ago!


Why should you listen to me, and why do I truly believe this program is the answer to your weight loss search?

I’m a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and a Certified Nutritionist.

I’ve authored five books on fitness and weight loss and I’m the “chief architect” behind the Metabolic Spark Program©.

Along the way, I also became Master Wellness Coach and Brain Fitness so that I could develop a deeper understanding of the unique challenges and mindset of people in our age group.

In addition, I’ve been in the fitness industry for roughly 30 years.

I’m also a former World-Class track and field athlete and five-time All-American at Boston University where I studied exercise physiology.

In short, I’ve been involved with the fitness industry at every possible level.

As a professional, I keep detailed records of how much weight my clients have lost.

At last count, my clients have lost over 5000 pounds of body fat!*

That’s two and a half TONS of ugly fat.

*NOTE: This is fully documented through my in-house, biometric tracking software.

Frankly, if you lived anywhere near my facility north of Boston, Massachusetts, I was the guy you went to when you absolutely needed to lose weight…kinda like a “hired gun of weight loss”, if you will.

Several years ago I founded the Successful Aging Academy for two main reasons:

1. Frustration with my own industry.

As I mentioned…looking at what programs are out there, it became painfully clear to me that people over age 45 have very few realistic options when it comes to weight loss programs and exercise routines.

All the programs currently offered in the market are either “over the top” dangerous or so watered down that serious weight loss isn’t even possible.

I set out the change that.

Why? Because many of the “experts” are flat-out lying to you.

Through the Successful Aging Academy, I endeavored to give people the truth about losing weight and stopping the aging process.

2. My unique age-specific insights.

Through decades in the industry, I’ve developed a deep understanding of how people over age 45 lose weight AND how very different it is than when we were 20 or even 30 years old.

Then, I pulled all the most effective methods together into a one-of-a-kind program…and even added in few “insider secrets” of my own!

These two reasons are the driving force behind the Successful Aging Academy and my Metabolic Spark Program©.

By implementing the RIGHT program and working with me directly, I’ve proven that incredible changes are possible.

This is how I see things…

If you’re over 45 like me (OK, so I’m actually nearing 60 years of age)

You’re not looking to get ‘ripped’…

You don’t have illusions of being a fitness model…

You’re not training for a bodybuilding competition…

This may sound weird coming from a fitness business owner and former All-American athlete, but the reality is –

It is NOT my mission in life to see how shredded I can get my abs!

Like most of us, we simply want to

  • feel better…
  • move better, with fewer aches and pains…
  • have plenty of energy throughout the day…
  • maintain a clear mind…
  • keep stress levels in check…
  • enjoy life with family and friends…
  • and yes, lose weight and look good while doing it!

I suspect most of you would agree, these are not outrageous goals.

No longer carrying around that extra 10, 15, 20, or more pounds…

Feeling just as desirable as you did 10 or 20 years ago.

Breaking out in a big grin when your clothes start to fit the way they’re supposed to and loving the reflection you see in the mirror…

Can you imagine what your life would be like if these simple desires fell into place?

Stepping on the scale and seeing the numbers drop lower and lower…

No more waking up with aching and painful joints…

This program will show you the secret to losing weight without turning your life upside down to do it!

So…how do we “spark” your metabolism, when our bodies seem to be slowing down as we age?


I’ve been able to whittle down the research and through years of testing–and retesting–discovered what works, and more importantly, what DOESN’T work…

And based upon the latest science, here are the 6 factors the Metabolic Spark Program © confronts:

Weight Gain

Starts the vicious downward cascade

Disturbed Sleep

Weakens our brain health and makes us susceptible to illness and injury 

Elevated Stress Levels

Crushes our mental AND cardiovascular health at the same time

Rote or “Conditioned” Behaviors

Locks dangerous and self-destructive weight-gain behaviors in place

Muscle Mass Loss

Opens the doors to frailty, and a complete loss of independence

Endocrine Disruption

Can turn our own bodies against us, and break us down from the inside

It may sound complex, but I’ve taken the complexity out of it, as you’ll see…

Listen, I face the same issues you do.  

Losing weight when we were young was a breeze.  We could just think about it and the weight would come off…

That all starts to change once we hit our 40’s and 50’s…

My problems started earlier than that.

When I was in my 30’s and early 40’s, I ballooned up to over 280 pounds.

I felt horrible.

At my heaviest, I could hardly move and something as simple as tying my shoes required a LOT of effort, and got me huffing and puffing…

That’s when I started changing my approach to something that better suited my age.

Most weight loss programs are designed for young people and athletes.

However, men and women over age 45 gain weight because of a completely different reason… our metabolisms slow down!

So we need a different solution.

I dedicated myself to the research and dove into the studies, I separated the facts from the hype.

Finally, after a lot of trial and error and more than a few setbacks, I saw success at a level that even surprised me…

Today I’m a happy, fit, and healthy weight.

My body fat levels (and my metabolism) are completely under my control and I’m in the best shape of my life…

This is how the “Metabolic Spark ©” weight-loss program was born!

By “re-sparking” our slowing metabolism, all of us are capable of losing as much weight as we want to, and that we can still gain that life-saving muscle mass – no matter what our age.

Unfortunately, most of what we read about in magazines or hear in the mainstream media points you in the completely wrong direction!

The 100% online coaching program has one purpose:

To help people over age 45 lose weight

and become the absolute best versions of themselves!

The Metabolic Spark Program © will show you the simple steps you can take to lose all the weight you want to,  no matter what your starting point!

The best part?


We’ll dial in realistic goals…


Pinpoint the major obstacles holding you back…

Discuss recommendations about an action plan to defeat these obstacles

Explain what proven fat-burning workouts really look like…

Detail a “real world” meal plan that does NOT require you to starve yourself…

And you’ll do all of this WITHOUT turning your life upside down or living at the gym.

The Metabolic Spark Program © is built entirely around YOUR schedule!

Here are more examples of REAL clients of mine who finally took action!

“The success I have achieved with Successful Aging Academy (SSA) has been tremendous.  I haven’t really thought about health and nutrition until recently, as conditions have changed.  I’m now at my goal weight having lost 25 pounds in just a couple of months!”

Ronald J. Mastrocola

“I have tried 5 different, very popular diet programs.  They were all very expensive and didn’t work…And now I do and that’s what’s working for me.  No diet has ever made me feel this good!! Thanks,”

Maria P.

“Art McDermott has accomplished something via The Successful Aging Academy that everyone, but especially “boomers” like myself, should utilize in his or her life.

He has put together a fantastic program that integrates exercise, nutrition and a lifestyle approach with an end goal of overall wellness that will be life changing, if adopted and integrated into a daily routine!”

Chip Huckins

“SAA has been a life changer for me. At my age I have finally found the support system, exercise plan and nutrition plan that works!  I’m now just 4 pounds away from goal weight and should hit that within a couple more weeks”

Nancy Mastrocola

“As the scales started to show a positive response, and then when the mirror started to reflect those changes, I found renewed energy, belief, and incentive.

Over the past 5 weeks, I have dropped almost two full pant sizes and 20 pounds.  I’m not surprised about the weight loss, although, I am a bit astounded by the physical changes…

I recommend this program to everyone.  If you want to get stronger, if you want to be better in sports, if you just want to lose some weight, join in.”

Ed Bassett

“I was 46 and wanted to feel and look better. I was eating all wrong and not working out in a beneficial way. Art completely changed the way I ate and worked out.

Today, I feel great and look fit. It feels awesome when people are surprised that I am 52.”

Linda Bara

“It has been an interesting journey I have begun with Art and the Successful Aging Academy group….I am feeling more transformed than simply thinner.  Sure, my pants fit better now, and that’s certainly a big win for me … but that’s not the real value here!

Through his advanced consultative approach Art has helped me identify and remove many bad habits that I spent almost half a lifetime developing, and replace them with healthy ones.”

Rick Cavallero

How important are any of these things to you?

Imagine not having pain in your knees and ankles after doing physical activity…

Never again experiencing the tightness around your waist when your “big pants” no longer fit like they should…

Watching the numbers on the scale drop lower and lower, right before your eyes…

Even sleeping better, as your stress levels slowly fade away!

All this is possible just by understanding a simple, step-by-step program that lets you live the life you thought was long gone.

And, these changes start to take place in a matter of weeks, NOT months or years!

Remember:  It’s never too late, and you’re not alone in the fight!

I’ll be right there with you…as these actual clients can attest…

Listen, if everything on this page makes sense to you and you’re interested in finally losing the weight, your logical next step is a FREE 45 minute call where I’ll detail your way forward.

Let’s get on the phone to discuss:

  • What your goals are.
  • A firm timeline to achieve them
  • The things you’ll need in place to guarantee success
  • Who you have in your corner (besides me!)
  • Define how ready you REALLY are for change
  • What I recommend you do TODAY to start your turnaround.

I’ll tell you how to do all of this right there on the call.

And if you decide it makes sense to work together, great. We can talk about that as well.

The call is free…so what’s stopping you?

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You have nothing to lose by hopping on your free call with me today.  

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