When we think of someone being unstoppable, we conjure up images of a Hollywood movie like “Terminator”.

Arnold’s character is unstoppable.

In the real world, we think about images of Navy Seals who have mastered weapons, hand-to-hand combat, incredible conditioning levels, etc.

These are humans at the peak of our physiology…the highest level of what we can be physically.

Does this mean we can’t have another version?

When we’re over 50, are we suddenly not capable of being unstoppable?

Of course not.

We’re no longer dealing with battle situations or “end of the world” scenarios, but the consequences are just as powerful for us.

That being said…what does “unstoppable” look like over age 50?

Here are some thoughts…

  • Maintain appropriate and healthy body weight and composition
  • Have enough energy at the end of the day to contribute to and support personal relationships
  • Make healthy food choices over 80-85% of the time
  • Participate regularly in social events outside the home
  • Be available to provide assistance to other family members (aging parents, older children, baby-sitting grandchildren)
  • Do resistance training to maintain healthy muscle mass
  • Do cardiovascular training to maintain endurance and a healthy heart
  • Maintain a clear mind and a positive attitude
  • Focus on optimizing sleep patterns

Everyone reading this will have their own additions, and for the most part, all of us can check these items off through the course of a typical week.

There’s nothing too extraordinary here.  Right?

But it’s the cumulative effect that happens when you combine these together that matters.

That’s where the magic happens.

The ordinary becomes extraordinary.

Can you really become extraordinary?


Take a look at the list above one more time…

There’s nothing there you cannot achieve, do, or add to your daily routine that’s beyond your capabilities.

This list also happens to include the actions and attitudes of the “anti-aging” crowd.  By executing these things, you improve your longevity.

Also a good thing.

Longevity and being “unstoppable” go hand in hand.

This just makes sense.

My recommendations?

  • Fix sleep first
  • Maintain Ideal body weight and body composition.

NOTE:  I need to point out that #2 here is a RESULT of many of the other actions.  It is not necessarily a process in itself.

Ideal body weight is a “lag indicator”; a byproduct of doing the other stuff on a consistent basis.

The other items on the list are “lead indicators”.

Meaning that if you do them consistently, certain other good stuff happens.

Let’s say you’re in sales.

Statistically, you know that if you make 35 phone calls, you’ll get 5-6 appointments and 1-2 sales.  The sales are the “lag indicators” resulting from the phone calls and appointments, which are “lead indicators”.

Make sense?

All this means is:  Take the focus off the scale and put it on the consistent execution of the other items on your own personal “unstoppable” list.

My “Big Picture” vision is to help an army of people over age 45 to become unstoppable…the ideal version of themselves.

It all starts with your “unstoppable” list.

What’s on yours?