Ancient humans…chasing prey

Have you seen those “documentaries” where they show a recreation of an ancient hunting party chasing down some giant woolly mammoth? What they don’t really get across is the pattern these hunters were forced to follow.

Sprint. Rest. Chase down dinner. Rest. Sprint away and DON’T become dinner. Rest.

The world’s harshest interval training! But, that historic pattern is exactly why interval training still works today. Our body LOVES this type of work. It burns fat better. Improves VO2 Max levels faster. And burns calories longer. In short, this is how we’re supposed to move. Your body still thinks you’re chasing prey (or running from predators).

I hope you are using some form of interval training in your fitness work. The great part is that it can be used anywhere. Treadmill or walking. Circuit training or stairs. Virtually anywhere.

Here is the chapter from my book where I dive into the details of what this should look like.