When I write about actions and choices that can help people get healthier, many readers and past members discard them because they involve making some new challenging decision or some form of deprivation (food, drink); meaning you as a reader are being asked to do something you may not necessarily want to do…a negative ‘thing’ is presented.

As was we jump into 2015, I want to take pause and reflect on one or more good things you and I ARE ALREADY DOING or pat ourselves on the back for A GOOD THING WE COMPETED this year. 

 Let’s focus on the positive achieved, a challenge completed or a goal ALREADY attained.

For day, I encourage you to celebrate you own personal Highlight Reel from 2014.


(If you post them on FB of course, others can see, but if you reply to me via email, I will pull together this bucket of positive things and post them next week anonymously)

Let me start things off:

  • I dropped 20 pounds.
  • I sold Matrix and started a new on-line company
  • I started running on the treadmill again, something my hamstring would not let me do much of
  • I got accepted as a blogger for the Huffington Post (first blog coming out soon)
  • I shot a hole in one…my first!

I really want to hear your top most positive events (job related, personal growth related, relationship related – not just fitness related)

  • Don’t dwell on what it COULD have been or what you HOPE to do to make it better.
  • Enjoy the completion of it!

That’s it – short and sweet.

If you are comfortable, post it on FB.  If you would rather be more private, send them to me and will put them in next week’s blog anonymously.

It’s time to celebrate YOU!

I truly hope all of you have a Happy and Healthy New Year!