The English language is pretty challenging.  I read one time that for someone trying to learn English as a new language, it can be extremely difficult.

There are so many rule exceptions and ways to say things, I can see why.

Here’s an example of how subtle changes can change the entire meaning of a sentence…

I’m talking about the very subtle but important psychological meaning behind a couple of words.

The difference between their meaning is like night and day…

I hear these particular words so often it’s become a cliché for me.

In fact, the second I hear a client use these words, I know they’re not 100% ready to commit to lasting change.

So what words are such obvious giveaways?

That word is “should”…along with the closely-related phrase “ought to”.

Here’s an example: “I know what I should be eating.”

Or this one…

I really ought to avoid sweets in the evening.”

It may not seem like much, but to me, these terms represent a chasm to be crossed.

They indicate that the person speaking them is NOT doing what they really need to in order to succeed and they know it.

Rewriting these sentences without these terms changes the world…

“I know what to eat.”

“I avoid sweets in the evening.”

The meaning goes from a pipe dream to DONE in an instant.

I’m confident someone will succeed when working out goes from “I really should go to the gym.” to “I go to the gym.”

One is wishful thinking and the other is a habit they no longer think about.  They just DO.

These words trace back to our basic wiring.  Human LOVE patterns.

Good or bad, every day we form and stick to patterns to get through the day and the words above determine whether we have established a pattern or not.

Try it for yourself…

And this doesn’t have to apply only to fitness and diet.

“You really ought to get that looked at.” said every good-meaning friend ever.

“You should think about dropping that boyfriend of yours.”

In both cases, it’s unlikely anything is going to change. Am I right?

These words lack conviction.

The sooner you can pull them out of your daily vocabulary, the sooner you will see a massive change in your world!

Try it!


Rather than making some off the wall New Year’s Resolution (more on that in my next email!) try going the next 5 days without saying “SHOULD” or “OUGHT TO”.

I dare ya.

Stay Strong.  Do bold things.