Hey Everyone,

Seems like summer is getting in the way of my producing this blog two times per week, which is my goal. I guess that means things are picking up…a good thing!

I thought I would make this week’s blog more of a collection than text. Over time, I have put together a decent number of useful resources. Some of them are fitness related, but most of them are simply tools that make my life easier.

Here is a collection of the best tools, references and general info I have come across recently.

1) Fitness Calculator: This simple tool will give you a rough idea as to how fit you REALLY are. Just enter the information and take the test right on-line. Based in Norway.

2) Interval Timer: Do you like doing you own boot camps or are you looking to start? Check out this app. It is called Interval Timer – Timing for HIIT Training. It is free in the App Store. I have an iPhone, so I am not certain it is available for android platform, but I’m guessing it is.

It is made by Deltaworks. There are several interval timers out there, but I use this one ALL the time at home and find it easy to use. It also lets you play any playlist or music app at the same time. Personally, I like the boxing bell sound for the starting and stopping signal for each interval.

3) When I ramble on sometimes about the need for a ‘quality’ multi-vitamin, I realize finding one is often easier said than done. Very soon I’ll be adding some supplements to the store, so check back soon.

4) Motivational Quotes: If you have read my blogs and newsletters at all, you know I am a huge fan of quotes. I receive several every day automatically. If you would like to receive daily fitness-related quotes. Check out “Daily Fitness Quotes – FitQuote”. Just a little something to keep you going on those days when you’re just not feeling it.

Available in the app store for FREE.

5) Meditation: Need to distress? Who doesn’t! Check out “The Mindfulness App” from Mindapps. This app guides you different types of meditations such as: Guided, Silent, Personalized and of course, Purchased. It is easy to use and can be a powerful tool when things start getting to you. The term ‘mindfulness’ may be overused these days, but that does not mean it doesn’t have a proper place. Stress can kill you about as quickly as any just about anything out there. Check it out and relaaaaax.

6) The coolest new app: Forgive me if you have heard of this app already – you trend setter, but here is one that can may help you out. It’s called Voxer. This is a free app that is part walkie-talkie, part texting and part phone and could not be easier to use. The person you are trying to communicate with must have the app on their phone, but it allows you to send instant audio messages by holding down the record button. People can hear it right away or listen to it later. It has the advantage of FAR few buttons to use – an important trait when trying to keep hands free or you don’t want a phone to your ear or if your conversation gets interrupted by other things (just like with a text) and you can’t (or don’t want to) get back to someone right away. I think it is pretty cool and saves me lots of typing.

Well, that’s if for now! I this information has been helpful.
Stay healthy, stay active.