Hard to believe, but we are now eleven days out from Christmas.  For these next 11 days, I would like to do my spin on the “12 Days of Christmas”.  I missed yesterday due to a family function along with my son’s need to get a report done for school…using my computer.

Every day, I will a recommendation (2 today and then 1 daily) detailing one small thing you can change for the coming year.

I will structure the blogs so each suggestion appears with all the previous ones as we work our way up to number 12.

If even one of you picks an item from the list and makes one positive change this coming year, I consider this exercise a success.

DAY 1 – Add one lifting workout per week to your routine.  LIFT WEIGHTS MORE!

Not sure what to do for a workout?  Please just email me and I will send along two workouts for you to use.  These can be done in any gym and will help you maintain or build vital muscle mass.

The primary point here is the MAJOR need for you to do more strength training along with any cardio-vascular activity you may be doing.  Remember: cardio is only 1 aspect of overall health.  It is FAR from the only activity to work on.

The research on strength training coming in these days is OVERWHELMING.  Evidence shows you can improve your metabolism, keep vital muscle mass we naturally lose with age and even improve brain function.  Start this week!

 DAY 2 – Cut out at least 1 serving of sugar.  

You knew this one had to be there.  The food companies LOVE sugar and have hooked (literally!) millions of Americans on their products.  If you die, they will simply move on to the next victim.  No remorse and no real consequences…Think about that…

This could be in the form of soda, cookies, alcohol or even bread, rice, cereal, crackers or pasta.  Psychologically, you should treat sugar like the addictive toxin it is.  You will notice you start feeling better IMMEDIATELY!

See you tomorrow everyone…

Committed to your health,